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Branded Content

Branded Content

Distinguish your brand from the rest by creating a video displaying your products in action. Brands using Internet video have seen lifts anywhere from 20% to 40% in incremental buying rates.

Corporate Video

Corporate Video

Demonstrate that your business is moving forward with the times by creating a video for your website that introduces who you are, what you do, and showcases the services offered. Increase the amount of time spent on your website by over 200% – just by adding video content.

Event Videography

Event Videography

From parties to festivals, conferences to performances, and everything in between, everyone loves a highlight video recapping an event. The perfect promo for next year's event is a video from this year's. Let us cover the moment, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Real Estate Tours

Real Estate Tours

Video tours of listings help give potential buyers a better understanding of a property's interior layout by showing how one room flows into the next. Unlike a picture slideshow, video gives the feel of actually walking through a property and truly shows what it would feel like to live in the space.

How We Can Help You


131 Media, Inc. is a full-service video production company focused on producing meaningful and impactful content for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Our goal is to create share-worthy videos that promote your event, grow your business, and sell your product. Our video production team of creative professionals work with you to come up with a unique and tailored concept to engage your audience and promote your brand. We are committed to creating the highest quality work to help you stand out, get noticed, and be unforgettable.

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Our Team

Ariel Aboody

Ariel Aboody


An LA native whose hobbies include photography and endurance sports, he's completed 2 ironman triathlons and loves his dogs.

Oren Paley

Oren Paley

Camera Assistant/Editor

A graduate of Syracuse film school, he loves playing chess and writing screenplays.

David Green

David Green

Storyboard Artist

A talented graphic artist with a love for comic books and the Lakers. His favorite directors are David Fincher, Sam Peckinpah, John Milius, and Akira Kurosawa.

"Business decision makers LOVE online video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time."

Robert Weiss

Some Fun Facts

times more likely to land a page-one listing on Google with a video
Percentage of shoppers who visited a store online or in person as a direct result of watching a video
Videos are shared 1200 more times than links and text posts combined
Percentage of internet users who recall watching a video on a website they visited in the past 30 days


Free Event Video!

Do you have an event coming up? A wedding? A Bar or Bat Mitzvah? Do you know someone who might?

In an effort to build up our portfolio for our new entity, Leira Productions–a branch of 131 Media, Inc. specializing in event videography–we are giving away THREE (3) complimentary event videos!

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